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It’s the beginning of January, so you know what that means: Gyms overflowing with people making good on their resolutions to finally get fit. But with this new onslaught of gym-goers comes a group uninitiated to the common-courtesy rules of the arena. Here, as a quick refresher, nine things you should never, ever do. Ever.

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Make Loud Grunting Noises
Just because you hit a new front squat P.R. doesn’t mean everyone in the building has to be distracted by your vaguely inappropriate sounds.

Give Unsolicited Advice
Unless you’re a personal trainer or someone specifically asks for your help, don’t butt into anyone’s workout. It’s simple common courtesy. Most people aren’t going to the gym for a social experience, so leave them be.

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Shower Without Flip-Flops
Eww, do you know what’s on the floor of a gym locker room? Neither do we, but we’re willing to bet we wouldn’t walk on it barefoot if we did know. No matter how high-end your gym, it’s best to play it safe and splurge (we kid) on a pair of $5 shower shoes.

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Leave Equipment Lying Around
Remember when your mom would reprimand you for putting your feet on the couch and ask, “Would you do that at someone else’s house?” Same rules apply at the gym. It doesn’t take much time or effort to re-rack a set of dumbbells, and it makes it safer for your fellow exercisers to walk around without fear of tripping.

Use Improper Form
It’s not that we don’t want you to broaden your butt-toning horizons, it’s just that we don’t want you to do so without know-how first. If you’re not sure about how a machine works or how to safely complete an exercise, ask a trainer. It’s not worth going it alone and risking injury.

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Show Up Late to Group Classes
One or two minutes is fine (we get it, life happens), but any more than five minutes and you’re disrupting the instructor and the people in the class.

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Leave Sweaty Equipment
Do unto others as you would have them to do unto you, yes? Cool, so unless you’re good with getting onto an elliptical that’s streaming with someone else’s sweat, be respectful and clean up a little when you’re done with your 30 minutes.

gym donts music
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Play Super-Loud Music
It’s great that you rely on Dolly Parton to get through a set of squats (unexpected, but great). But that doesn’t mean everyone in your vicinity is dying to hear a muffled version of “Jolene” during their jog.

Hit on Anyone
Just don’t.

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