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Proof: Men Are More Likely to Cry After a Performance Review

If you’ve ever considered dropping “crying booth” into your office suggestion box, then welcome to the Tears on Your Desk Club. You’re not alone. In fact, a new survey from Adobe reveals that it’s the men in your office who are actually more likely to cry after a performance review. So yeah, it’s time to pass that box of tissues.

Of the 750 male office workers surveyed, 25 percent admitted that they cry following their once-a-year formal sit-down with their boss—compared with 18 percent of the women who participated. And since it was self-reported, we have a not-so-tiny inkling that that number’s even higher. (Hey, it’s OK to cry, boys.)

But wait, there’s more. While you were digesting all the constructive criticism from your one-on-one, your male coworker was secretly dusting off his résumé. Yep, 43 percent of men divulged that they immediately put their new-job search into high gear (compared to 31 percent of women) after receiving criticism.

So ladies, heads up: If you hear sniffling around the cubicle bend, it’s probably Don, not Donna. Now, about that crying booth… 

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