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Circadian rhythms, sensory deprivation, sleep architecture--getting rest can be complicated. But thankfully we've discovered a bunch of new insomnia remedies that range from the simple to the super high-tech. Here, eight solutions to getting those fleeting eight hours of zzzz.

1. Wear Yellow Glasses

TVs, iPhones, iPads--they emit blue light, the kind of light that signals our bodies to be awake and alert. So when you absolutely need to fall asleep watching Seinfeld reruns, this could be a problem. Try wearing Jins Night Screen glasses (from $80)--they are made with special yellow-tinted lenses block 60 percent of the blue wavelength that’s keeping you from falling right to sleep.

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home remedies for insomnia banish children and pets

2. Banish Children and Pets

Sure, we love our little dependents. Just not when they are all up in our business when we are trying to sleep. So, out they go. Be strong. Boundaries. (They will probably still love you.)

3. Lay on a sleep induction mat

Imagine the anti-yoga mat. This similarly-sized flat cloth from Bulletproof--the same people who created the craze for buttered coffee--is dotted with little spikes that you’re meant to lie on before getting in bed. The discomfort is meant to stimulate an endorphin release, which then relaxes you to sleep.

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home remedies for insomnia ostrich pillow
Splendeur d'Art®

4. Brave the Ostrich Pillow

Have to take a catnap in a noisy place? Pull this plastic-bead-filled hood on (there’s an opening for your nose and mouth so you can breathe) and voilà: You’re in your own little portable sensory-deprivation tank. This gets bonus points for discouraging any chatty seatmates from even so much as looking at you.

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5. Try Light-Emitting Re-Timer Glasses

Get a pair of light-emitting Re-Timer glasses ($299), which is the new version of the old light boxes used to treat seasonal affective disorder. Don these glasses for about 30 minutes a day to counteract jet lag, shift work sleep disruptions, even winter blues. And you can wear these while you’re puttering around at home or doing desk work, so there’s no wasted time. Plus, you can download an app for your Fitbit that keeps track of your sleep schedule and lets you know when to wear your glasses.

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6. Splurge on Hotel Bedding

After a hard day--and possibly a bed of nails sesh (see above)--you deserve the giddy bliss of hotel comfort. Westin hotels sells an à la carte selection of pillows, sheets, duvets--even the bed skirts--used in its rooms. (If you’re pressed for time, there’s a one-click option for a 19-piece set of bedding for $1,500.)

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7. Make a List

If you’re worrying or mulling over complicated things before bed, get the concerns out of you by jotting down what's on your mind. Then set it aside for tomorrow.

8. Scare Yourself to Sleep

No, not with a ghost story but by reading The Sleep Revolution, in which author Arianna Huffington recalls how she literally passed out at her desk and broke her cheekbone from sheer exhaustion…and how we’d all better get seven to nine hours of sleep a night for optimum health and productivity. Or else.

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