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When temps and humidity start to climb, heat rash (also known as prickly heat) can be an unavoidable symptom of summer. It’s caused by clogged sweat ducts, which make your skin react with a series of red, itchy—and ugh, uncomfortable—bumps. Here, how to treat it quick.

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Wear Lightweight (and Breathable) Fabrics

In most cases, heat rash will go away by itself after a couple of days as long as you give the area that’s inflamed room to breathe. So, if the heat rash is on your chest, make a point not to wear clothing that tightly covers that area or, worse, traps sweat. If you have to cover up, it’s best to stick to fabrics that are loose and blousy (like an oversize cotton shirt or airy dress).


Steer Clear of Ointments and Moisturizers

Sure, it’s tempting to rub a lotion geared to treat sensitive skin all over a raging heat rash. But, depending on the product, it could trap moisture further and exacerbate the irritation on the surface of your skin. We repeat: It’s much, much better to let your skin breathe and reboot.

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Crank the AC

Think about it: An air conditioner is one of the fastest ways to remove humidity from the air. If you have a heat rash, turn it on high, remove as many clothes as decently possible (hey, if you’re in the comfort of your own home, who cares?) and let your skin bask in the cool—and moisture-free—air.

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