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Say what you will about 2016, but it did give us some really solid viral Internet things. Here, six of our favorites.

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The Mannequin Challenge

Why this video trend (where people are filmed frozen in action while the song “Black Beatles” by Rae Sremmurd plays in the background) took off like it did is a complete mystery to us, but that’s definitely not to say that they aren’t super entertaining (in fact, we may or may not have made one ourselves). While Corden’s intricate take might top the list, these frighteningly adorable little kids are a close second.

Damn Daniel

The premise: A high school kid films his friend, Daniel, and keeps saying “Damn, Daniel” over and over again. That’s literally it (plus a mention of white Vans). It makes very little sense when you explain it, but there’s something about watching it that’s downright delightful.

Pizza Rat

It might have been a hoax, but the image of a rat dragging a slice of pizza down the stairs of a New York City subway still captured the nation’s attention. Because let’s face it: Haven’t we all been pizza rat at one point in our lives?

Chewbacca Mom

Candace Payne was a normal mom from Texas when she recorded herself live on Facebook opening and trying on a Chewbacca mask. Her reaction is nothing short of magical?enough so that she caught the eye of James Corden, who had her on his show for a funny segment.

Sad Ben Affleck

Ben Affleck and Henry Cavill’s 2016 movie Batman V Superman was almost universally panned by critics. After being asked about the poor reviews, Cavill attempts to defend the film while Affleck sits silently, looking on the verge of tears. Enter the Internet and a pitch-perfect Simon and Garfunkel song and you’ve got a terrifically depressing viral video we’ve watched over and over again.  



Little girls in a dance class in North Carolina were allowed to dress up for “princess week,” but instead of mimicking Ariel or Belle, little Ainsley put on her finest hot dog costume and waddled her way into America’s heart. Thank you, Ainsley, for bringing us infinite joy. We have a feeling hot dogs will be huge in 2017.

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