We’re going to go out on a limb here and guess that you spend at least part of your day on the Internet. (You’re here, aren’t you?) So it’s high time you upgraded your browsing experience. These 12 Google chrome extensions are about to make your (online) life easier, faster and more fun.

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imagus chrome NY


Say you’re perusing the new arrivals on Revolve, checking the latest posts on Reddit or (ahem) creeping on your new neighbor’s Facebook photos. Instead of having to click through and load each page, just hover over a thumbnail and a full-size image will pop up. You’ll be shocked (in a good way) how much time it saves. Get it 

Google Dictionary

When you’re constantly devouring new articles, you’re bound to come across an unfamiliar word every so often. But opening a new tab, going to Merriam-Webster and typing in the word basically takes an eternity in Internet time. This extension lets you get a definition with exactly zero effort: Just double-click and voilà. Get it


Much to our dismay, even we meticulous grammarians occasionally mistype something. This add-on automatically catches any errors—from commonly confused words to misplaced modifiers—and even offers improved word choice suggestions. Because you’ve got a smarty-pants image to maintain, right? Get it

netflix party chrome NY
Netflix Party

Netflix Party

The only thing more satisfying than binge-watching Bloodline? Binge-watching with your equally obsessed friends—even if they live in different area codes. Netflix Party syncs up your video playback (when one person hits pause, it pauses for everyone), and makes it easy to chat without having to leave the screen. Get it

Block & Focus

You’d be the most productive person ever…if you could just stay off Pinterest. (Hey, we’re obsessed, too.) This extension makes sure you keep away from your most distracting sites by blocking them for a predetermined amount of time. Because “five more minutes” is never just five minutes. Get it

The Great Suspender

If you’re a chronic tab-hoarder (you’re saving those pages for later!), this one’s for you. It temporarily suspends the unused tabs to free up memory so the pages you are using can run that much quicker. (And you don’t have to feel bad about your Command+T addiction.) Get it

earth view google chrome NY
Earth View from Google Earth

Earth View from Google Earth

There’s nothing complicated about this app—but that doesn’t mean it’s any less lovely. Every time you open a new tab, you’ll see a stunning satellite image from Google Earth. We feel more relaxed already. Get it


Donate to worthy causes—like animal rescue or veterans’ needs—just by shopping online. Really, there’s no catch: Whenever you make a purchase on a participating site (such as eBay, Expedia or Petco), the retailer automatically donates a percentage to your chosen nonprofits. Get it


Recording video is easy on your phone, but it’s always felt a little counterintuitive on your laptop. This extension fixes that: It lets you easily record from both your camera and your desktop (super useful if you want to, say, show your grandma where to find her Facebook privacy settings), then gives you a handy link to share. Get it

momentum chrome NY


Hey, we all need a little encouragement to get through the day. This beautifully simple dashboard, which pops up with every new tab, lets you customize your daily focus and to-do list, with an added boost from daily-changing backgrounds and inspirational quotes. Get it 


Are you constantly bookmarking links to read later? There’s an easier way: Candy, which works as a sort of digital bulletin board. Articles, snippets or videos can be saved as cards, which can easily be combined into collections (akin to songs in a playlist), which can then be shared in other apps or saved for offline access. Get it


We don’t know about you, but we don’t think we’ve ever logged in correctly to anything on the first try. This password manager not only keeps all your info in one secure place, but helps you generate stronger passwords, autofills your login info when you need it and lets you access it all from any device. Get it

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