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The only thing harder than coming to work on a Monday is coming to work on a Tuesday after three glorious days off.

Hmmm…what ever could ease the pain? A froyo machine in the office? Free mani at your desk? Beyoncé dance class in the conference room?

Some NYC offices have some serious perks. So we rounded up our 13 favorites for your viewing--er, envying--pleasure. Take a peek and then, obviously, forward to your office manager.

nyc office perks barkbox

Showers at BarkBox

In addition to puppies literally everywhere, the Chinatown pet start-up recently installed showers and proper changing rooms for those who like to run or bike to work. (It helps burn off the rosé that’s also on tap.)

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nyc office perks buzzfeed1

A Froyo Machine at Buzzfeed

Yeah, yeah, Google cafeteria, yeah. Been there, heard about that. What we love more: snacks. And so does Buzzfeed. Its Flatiron space has a fully stocked pantry, complete with frozen treats, a wall of gummies and even a refrigerator just for seltzer.

nyc office perks purewow

Damn Good Cold Brew at PureWow

Hey, that’s us! When we’re not playing hooky to ride rides at Six Flags (or just laugh our collective faces off at Pitch Perfect 2), we try and stay focused in our Nomad digs, thanks to an unlimited supply of cold brew delivered by Wandering Bear.

nyc office perks starbucks1
Garrett Rowland

An In-Office Starbucks Barista at Sandow

This Midtown creative company with media and design brands (it produces the mag NewBeauty) comes with its very own Starbucks employee on staff. Normal coffees are free; fancy ones (hi, triple espresso) are just $1.

nyc office perks knot

Vintage Arcade Games at XO Group

The folks who bring you The Knot, The Nest and The Bump have a range of ways for their FiDi team to blow off steam--including an entire game room and weekly “Thirsty Thursdays” where specialty cocktails are slung.

nyc office perks manicube

Manicures at Grovo

Tons of offices, like this professional-learning-technology company in Midtown East, have jumped on the Manicube train (the service that sends nail technicians to set up in your conference room). But that’s just one of Grovo’s goods--it also has an in-office gym and showers stocked with Kiehl’s products.

nyc office perks beyonce

Beyonce Dance Parties at Homepolish

To celebrate milestones, this Flatiron interior-design firm surprises its crew with a little something special--most recently an instructor who taught Beyoncé’s “Get Me Bodied” dance. (Her name is Kimber Benedict, if you, too, want to drop down low and sweep the flo’ with it.)

nyc office perks aol

Celebrity Visitors at AOL

The $4.4 billion company wasn’t just acquired by Verizon for its database of 70-year-olds’ emails but actually for its content-creation abilities. An example of this is the celebrity interviews it regularly tapes in its Astor Place office (and which employees are encouraged to drop in on). Everyone from Mindy Kaling to The Bachelor’s Chris Harrison has roamed its halls.

nyc office perks lunch

Catered Meals Almost Everywhere

Far and away, the most prevalent perk we’ve noticed at NYC start-ups is the catered lunch. Countless companies provide it once or twice a week. But apps like Keep and Handy provide it daily for their hardworking crews.

nyc office perks yoga

Equinox Memberships at Dig Inn HQ

Gym stipends are one thing. Super-fancy memberships are a whole other ball game--which only makes sense for the healthy-food chain based in Flatiron.

nyc office perks citibike
Dmitry Gudkov

Citi Bike Memberships at Warby Parker

On top of obvious eyewear freebies and discounts, the Soho company also gives its folks bike-sharing incentives.

nyc office perks volunteering

Volunteer Days at Jennifer Bett Communications

Every month, these ladies (who work with other start-ups like Ringly and Keaton Row) get a Friday morning off from their Flatiron desks to do some good by assembling meal kits for God’s Love We Deliver.

nyc office perks astrsk

Staff Vacays at Astrsk PR and Small Girls PR

And for the biggest of jealousies: Two burgeoning little tech-PR agencies (Astrsk, which reps the likes of Valet Anywhere, and Small Girls PR, which handles PRIV) take their people on annual paid retreats. The team at Small Girls just got back from sipping piña coladas in Mexico, and this summer the Astrsk crew is jetting off to Puerto Rico. Sigh.

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