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You’re more than proficient at emoji. (So that’s what the 100 means.) Then you get a text with multiple weird dancing girls and have no friggin’ clue what it means. Let’s decode, shall we?

bombshell emoji

Means: Bombshell

You respond with: Blushing face

night out emoji

Means: Big night

Your response: Party popper + wine + martini + beer

full emoji1

Means: Too. Much. Food.

Your response: Skiing + tennis ball + bike + soccer ball + bikini

kiss my ass emoji

Means: Kiss my ass

Your response: Information desk girl

shopping emoji

Means: Let’s go shopping

Your response: Credit card + money flying away

good catch emoji

Means: He’s a catch

Your response: Cat with heart eyes

cry me a river emoji

Means: Cry me a river

Your response: Surfing + rowboat + screw + pointing finger

doghouse emoji

Means: You’re in trouble

Your response: See no evil monkey + hear no evil monkey + speak no evil monkey

pigs fly emoji

Means: When pigs fly

Your response: Talk to the hand

alien emoji

Means: You haven’t updated your emoji keyboard

Your response: Pointing finger + grandma

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