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We use emojis, we get emojis, but sometimes none of the more than 700 offerings truly capture what we’re feeling. Here, an emoji wish list of sorts.


1. Taco

How is this still not a thing?

emojis middle finger

2. Middle finger

Think of the possibilities...

emojis champagne

3. Champagne bottle

Perfect for celebrating a promotion or Drake.

emojis cheese

4. Cheese

Give it the emoji it so deeply deserves.

emojis kale

5. Kale

You know, to balance out the cheese. Also, #WhiteGirlProblems.

emojis finger guns

6. Finger guns

The ultimate seal of approval.

emojis eye roll

7. Eye Roll

Twelve moons but no taco? *Eye roll*

emojis avocado

8. Avocado

This omission is an avoca-don’t.

emojis avocado toast

8a. Avocado toast

See above.

emojis hungover

9. Hungover

Adequately express your anguish after too much emoji-less Champagne.

emojis side eye

10. Side eye

For when shade has been thrown.

emojis fingers crossed

11. Crossed fingers

Here’s hoping we’ll at least get the taco.

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