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Wine-Beer Hybrids Are the Latest Beverage Trend & We’re Definitely on Board
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A quick round of either/or: Wine or beer? Eep.

We couldn’t possible take sides…but lately, we’ve been seeing wine-beer hybrids pop up on shelves—and our indecisive hearts are swooning.

Basically, craft breweries are using wine grapes in their beers, creating frankenbrew ales that offer the best of both worlds. They’ll often start with a saison or sour ale that will stand up to—and complement—the grapes. The practice of adding grapes to beer actually dates back to Belgian lambics of the 1970s (and we’re so glad it’s back).

Where to start? If you like crisp, dry Pinot Gris, reach for Dogfish Head’s Mixed Media saison-esque ale. If you’re more into reds, Stillwater’s Oude Bae is a sour ale made with Pinot Noir grapes (and we can’t get over the cheeky title). And Allagash releases a different version of their Victor ale each year using wine yeast and locally grown red grapes. Best of all: With two drinks in one, it’s less to lug to that summer barbecue.

Now all you need is a cheese board.

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