If You Hate Loud Restaurants Where You Cant Hear Anything, You Need This App

We love a fun dinner out, but we loathe the aftermath of a sore throat from all that yelling across the table just to be heard over the ambient restaurant noise. You know the drill: “Mmm, so good!” “What?” “SO GOOD!” But now, thanks to SoundPrint, aka the Yelp of noise levels, we may actually be able to avoid going hoarse next time we decide to eat out on a Friday.

SoundPrint (we seriously think there was a missed opportunity with “SoundBite,” though) is a new app that lets users browse restaurants based on ambient noise levels, as well as record sounds at restaurants to help contribute to the app’s growing database. So, say you’re looking for a quiet spot for a second date. Just sort through nearby eateries based on decibel levels and pick one on the lower end of the spectrum (60 to 70 range) so you two can get to know each other without having to shout through bites of chicken Parm.

Or, if you’re looking to show out-of-towners a fun-filled evening with plenty of socializing, search for happenin’ spots with lots of noise (and therefore people) with decibel levels in the 75 to 85 range.

For now, the app only includes restaurants in New York, San Francisco, Las Vegas, New Orleans and Ann Arbor, with Philadelphia, Phoenix, Portland, Miami and Chicago coming soon, according to the SoundPrint website.

Sorry, could you just repeat that one more time? We didn’t catch any of it.

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