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First it was Namibia, now it’s Alberta: If the royal rumors are true, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are Canada-bound any day now with plans to honeymoon in the wilderness at the Fairmont Jasper Park Lodge. This got us thinking: How does their honeymoon stack up against the rest of the royals, past and present? Here, all the regal—and romantic—destinations, ranked.

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prince philip and queen elizabeth
Central Press/Getty Images

9. Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip: Balmoral

She was actually just a princess at the time (see season one of The Crown for more info), but Queen Eliz and her brand-new hubby decided to celebrate “I do” at Birkhall Lodge, part of the Balmoral Estate in Scotland and a regular part of her holiday travels today. Don’t get us wrong: The castle looks impressive and all, but it was also home to Philip’s uncle—not exactly an outside-the-box getaway if you ask us.

prince charles and princess diana
Princess Diana Archive/Getty Images

8. Princess Diana and Prince Charles: The Mediterranean and Balmoral

Ditto Balmoral. After sailing around the Mediterranean on the royal family’s personal yacht Britannia, the couple joined the rest of the fam—Di’s new mother-in-law, the Queen, included—in Scotland where they spent time at the hunting lodge on the estate.

princess anne and captain mark
Fox Photos/Getty Images

7. Princess Anne and Captain Mark Phillips: The Caribbean

Another royal wedding, another ride on the Britannia: Queen Eliz’s daughter—aka Prince Harry’s aunt—also chose to cruise around the Caribbean on the family’s royal yacht. But apparently, violent storms and 20-foot-high waves disrupted their getaway and caused seasickness. Womp womp.

prince harry and meghan markle1
Steve Parsons/Getty Images

6. Meghan Markle and Prince Harry: Canada

We repeat: They’re supposedly Canada-bound. The Fairmont Jasper Park Lodge is a luxury mountain resort that’s as rustic as it is chic with a 6,000-square-foot cabin known as the “Royal Retreat” where Harry and Meghan will stay. OK, so we love their continual quest to keep things low-key, but at $380 a night, we really thought this royal duo would have splurged a bit more.

sarah ferguson and prince andrew
Tim Ferguson/Getty Images

5. Sarah Ferguson and Prince Andrew: Portugal

Trendsetter alert. The eventually volatile pair toasted to wedded bliss in the Azores Islands near Portugal before wrapping up the trip with a five-day cruise around the Atlantic on the—wait for it—Britannia. Well-played.

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prince charles and camilla
Tim Graham/Getty Images

4. Camilla Parker Bowles and Prince Charles: Greece and Balmoral

Second time’s the charm, right? Prince Charles whisked his longtime ladylove off to the Greek Islands. Sure, there was also a stop at Balmoral—a family obligation, perhaps—but definitely an upgrade from where he took Princess Di.

princess margaret
Anwar Hussein/Getty Images

3. Princess Margaret and Lord Snowdon: The Caribbean

After a Champagne send-off at Buckingham Palace, this (somewhat controversial) pair chose to honeymoon in the Caribbean, island-hopping between tropical places like Antigua, Trinidad and Mustique. According to royal reports, they returned extremely “bronzed.” Now, that’s a honeymoon.

grace kelly
Christiane Aldi/Getty Images

2. Grace Kelly and Prince Rainier: The Mediterranean and Mallorca

Guys, they went on a seven-week cruise around the Mediterranean on his 147-foot yacht—a wedding present from Aristotle Onassis—with a planned pit stop in Mallorca. We’re not quite sure how you make conversation with just one other person for all that time, but we’re on board. (Pun intended.)

kate middleton and prince william
John Stillwell/Getty Images

1. Kate Middleton and Prince William: The Seychelles

Two words: Private island. Yep, Wills and Kate disappeared to the Seychelles for a remote—and under-the-radar—getaway at a secret hideaway. We love their (royal) style.

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