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Rihanna Might Be Collaborating with Lady Gaga on Her New Album and We Have Evidence
Hubert Boesl/picture alliance via Getty Images ; Christopher Polk/Getty Images for NARAS

It’s been less than 24 hours since Lady Gaga announced her sixth studio album, and the internet is buzzing with rumors and theories about LG6. And while very little information about the album has been confirmed (basically all we know is that music producers SOPHIE, DJ White Shadow and BloodPop are involved), thanks to some hard-working social-media sleuths, we’ve discovered evidence that one particular music and fashion superstar might be included on the album: Rihanna.

We will admit, the clues are pretty small. But then again, so were all the hints that Meghan Markle and Prince Harry were dating (remember when all we had to go by were beaded bracelets that looked vaguely similar?) And we all know how that turned out (very happily).

All of the admissible evidence of a Gaga/RiRi collaboration in this court of law celebrity gossip is as follows.

Exhibit A: Lady Gaga started following Rihanna on Instagram. Shortly after announcing LG6 on Twitter, Gaga began following RiRi on the social media platform, which wouldn’t feel like such a big deal except that Gaga only follows 39 other people, most of whom she’s worked with in the past.

Exhibit B: Rihanna tweeted lyrics to Gaga’s song “Sexxx Dreams.” Back in 2013, Rihanna referenced the hit song on Twitter, prompting fans of both ladies to begin asking for a collaboration. It’s very possible that after five-plus years of incessant social-media pressure, Gaga and Rihanna are finally indulging us.

Exhibit C: Jennifer Rosales, RiRi’s right-hand gal, posted about listening to new music from the singer. This could just be a reference to Rihanna’s work on her own album, but the timing is quite interesting, considering her post went live around the same time as Gaga’s tweet.

Exhibit D: Their music styles may vary greatly, but they have a lot in common. OK, so this isn’t really evidence, just fuel for the fan fire. Both women have won nine Grammys each. Both have had multiple songs hit number one on the Hot 100 Billboard and both are fashion forces to be reckoned with. We’re pretty sure any collaboration between these two powerhouses would result in nothing short of an absolute chart-topping banger with probably the most stylish music video of the year.

Will our Bad Gal RiRi and Lady Gaga dreams come true? Only time will tell. But you can bet we’ll be quietly stalking their social media to find out as many clues as we can.

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