Rent the Runway Is Ramping Up Its Maternity-Wear Options and Could Save You Some Serious Cash

Buying new clothes always comes with a rush of emotions. Your heart fills with joy as you imagine all the ways you can wear your brand-new items, and you’re excited to show off your perfect purchase to friends. You’d think shopping for maternity clothing would provide that same sense of fun. Not so much.

Your body while pregnant can have little to no relation to your pre-baby bod and can even change drastically in just a matter of days. So maternity shopping may have you less excited and more worried about the fit and cost. Why would I spend $250 on maternity jeans if I’m not even sure they’ll fit three weeks from now?

Rent the Runway hears you and is offering a pretty sweet solution.

The clothing rental service just added a special subscription service just for expecting moms called Rent the Runway Maternity. And while the company has offered maternity options for a few years, this version has some truly great perks that are brand-new.

For starters, moms who sign up for the $159 per month service (which gets you four items that you can swap for something new at any time) get access to a personalized pregnancy stylist, a $75 Rosie Pope gift card, individual suggestions based on your trimester and, of course, access to hundreds of maternity-wear clothing options.

When you consider that this adorable M.i.H Jeans midi dress normally costs $225 in stores, you start to realize just how much money RTR could save you while pregnant. Which is doubly great because babies, and all their necessary accoutrements, aren’t exactly cheap.

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