Queen Elizabeth brought a handsome date to Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s royal wedding rehearsal, and no it wasn’t Prince Philip

Yesterday, the royal corgi lover broadened her canine horizons and allowed Markle’s rescue beagle, Guy (or an eerily identical dog), to accompany her from Buckingham Palace to the Windsor Castle rehearsal, reports The Daily Mail.

Queen Elizabeth and Meghan Markle s dog
Abbey Thomas/ Daily Mail

The pup appeared unfazed by carpooling with the monarch and used the two-mile drive to collect himself before the festivities began. 

Could it be that Guy has found the transition from common canine to royalty a smooth one? During Markle’s first on-camera interview with Prince Harry in November, she did say that Guy had been residing in the U.K. with her “for a while” and that “he’s doing just fine.”

Sadly, Markle’s other dog, Bogart, didn’t make the move and lives across the pond with the soon-to-be royal’s close friends.

Let’s just hope he doesn’t see Guy living his best royal life on the telly. 

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