Princess Charlotte Is Expected to Stimulate the British Economy by $1.4 Billion *More* than Her Bro

Fact: Princess Charlotte, Prince George and Prince Louis are equally entertaining. But it’s Princess Charlotte who’s projected to have the upper hand when it comes to stimulating the British economy. Why? It boils down to three words: the princess effect.

A recent Reader’s Digest projection of Char and George’s respective earning potential purports that while George has a hypothetical net worth of $3.6 billon over his lifetime, Charlotte is expected to surpass him at $5 billion.

This is largely because, like her mother, Kate Middleton, Charlotte is viewed as a fashion icon…but for the under-five set. Thanks to the princess effect, seemingly anything she wears sells out ASAP. If this continues—which duh, it will—Char will no doubt spur economic growth one jumper at a time.

By the way, since the mini-royals don’t receive a paycheck or inheritance, per se, their net worths are simply calculated by their value to the U.K. economy. So even with that $3.6 billion, Prince George couldn’t go buy, say, a fleet of police cars tomorrow if he felt like it.

Hey, even royals have financial constraints.

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