Prince Harry Just Revealed How Many Kids He Wants to Have

Prince Harry may have baby fever, but he's already putting his foot down on how many kids he wants to have with Meghan Markle.

At his father Prince Charles's 50th Anniversary celebration for his investiture (aka bestowment) of the title "Prince of Wales" in 1969, the soon-to-be father told a guest how many kids he'd like to have...and we hope Markle's OK with it. (She probably was, since she was standing next to Harry as he said it.)

According to royal correspondent to The Daily Mail Rebecca English, Simon Weston was chatting with Prince Harry. Weston, who is a British army veteran, said he was joking about rugby with Harry, and gave the almost-parents a word of warning.

“I warned him and the duchess [that] it serves him right, as they will be getting plenty of sleepless nights when the baby is born. He said if they have any more than two [kids], it will serve him right,” Weston reportedly told English.

Two?! That’s probably what William said also until they saw how adorable Princess Charlotte is…

Today marked the first time since Christmas that Markle, Prince Harry, Kate Middleton and Prince William (aka the Fab Four) were reunited publicly. Of course, the duchesses showed up looking their best (Markle in metallic brocade, Middleton in light mint-green silk).

Queen Elizabeth opted for a white shift dress with lilac dots and a smart violet textured blazer, while her 70-year-old son sported the print in reverse with a violet tie and white pattern, and we guess Charles was the only recipient of Her Majestys outfit memo.

Don’t worry, Harry. We hear it only gets easier.

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