Prince Harry Went Full ‘Commando’ While Meghan Markle Was in NYC (& Broke Royal Protocol)

OK, so he didn't not wear his, um, "knickers" around the house while wifey Meghan Markle was celebrating her baby shower in New York City (well, not that we know of...).

But Prince Harry did give Royal Marines at the Commando Training Center in Dartmoor (about 200 miles southwest of London) their revered Green Berets on Wednesday, honoring them for completing the rigorous training course.

Finnbarr Webster/Getty Images

Major General Charlie Stickland, Commandant General Royal Marines, told Metro UK that Harry's visit was "fantastic."

“Having him as captain general, handed over from his beloved grandfather, is brilliant,” the major general said. “What we are doing this first year is getting him to know the Royal Marines. It is great for him to come and understand how this specialist unit operates.”

To earn their Berets, commandos must jump out of a helicopter and complete a 30-mile march while carrying around 45 pounds of equipment. The march must be completed in eight hours.

However, there was one tiny royal hiccup: Prince Harry pulled a "Modern Duchess" Meghan, and shut his car door himself (*gasp*).

The Royal Marines sarcastically apologized for the breach in royal protocol, which most often sees royals having their car doors shut for them by a protection officer or member of staff.

On Friday, they jokingly tweeted: "We thought the visit had gone so well until we saw this report of an epic planning fail on our part. We can only apologise to the nation for letting you all down. You have a right to expect better Royal car door etiquette from your Commandos."

No hard feelings, guys. Besides, it's not like Harry had to run 30 miles or anything.

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