Whoa, This High-Tech Pad Could Relieve Your Menstrual Cramps

Forget your standard hot water bottle and pint of Ben & Jerry’s—more companies are discovering innovative ways to help us ladies through that time of the month (hormone-balancing treats delivered straight to your door, anyone?), and we’re totally onboard.

NannoPad is a new menstrual pad that's designed to absorb your flow while helping to alleviate menstrual cramps. How? By using natural fibers that are broken into tiny particles that ease the pain by emitting molecular vibrational energy that increases your blood flow, says the brand.(Molecular vibrational what? Hmm, this explanation sounds a little out there to us, but hey, when we have awful cramps, we’ll try anything). This technology also purportedly works to minimize odor and bacteria and is made from hypoallergenic organic cotton.

Find out more about the high-tech pads (and purchase them) here. While we haven’t tried them yet, we’re intrigued by a product that claims to help relieve cramps without the use of medication. Potential game-changer? We hope so.

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