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Thanks to Jennifer Garner & ‘Camping,’ We Finally Understand the Meaning of Pelvic Floor

From car snacks to Yes Day, Jennifer Garner has taught us a thing or two. In her new miniseries Camping, however, she taught us something a little less work appropriate.

In the first five minutes of the new HBO show, Kathryn (Garner) enlists her husband, Walt (David Tennant), to help her steal mattresses from other tents before the rest of the party arrives. Kathryn suffers from post-hysterectomy chronic pain and explains that, “hard surfaces wreak havoc on my pelvic floor.” Which reminded us: What the heck is a pelvic floor?

Thankfully, Kathryn continues to give the most succinct and, um, mature description of what exactly a pelvic floor is when her curious son asks. By Kathryn’s definition, the pelvic floor is, “the muscles in my pelvis that control my sphincter and the opening of my vagina.”

In an exclusive interview with PureWow, Garner (a mother of three) had this to say of her own pelvic floor knowledge: “Well, I think I’ve had enough babies and done enough Kegels to be comfortable with my pelvic floor, but who knows? We all learned a lot.”

So did we, Jen. So did we.

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