Jennifer Coolidge Steals the (Awards) Show Again—This Time with a Stunning Speech About Her Father

Jennifer Coolidge.
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Jennifer Coolidge is on a roll right now, and while we love to see her win at these award shows, it is always doubly enjoyable because The White Lotus star sure knows how to give an incredible speech.

While accepting the SAG Award for Best Female Actor in a Drama Series (thanks to her role as Tanya McQuoid on The White Lotus), Coolidge took the opportunity to recognize her “amazing parents,” and then she jumped into a story about how one gesture by her father helped inspire her love of film.

Coolidge explained that her parents were never able to lie, except for one day when she was in the first grade, and her father pulled her out of school, telling the principal she was sick (even though she wasn't).

The Legally Blonde actress recounted: “I got in the car with my dad and he was driving and he said, ‘I'm never going to tell a lie again, but we're going somewhere really cool.’ And he drove me to...the Charlie Chaplin Film Festival.”

Jennifer Coolidge.
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Coolidge then said, “I swear to God, seeing Charlie Chaplin for the first time and having that experience…as my love of film, as my love of actors, all of that came from my first grade.”

That same night, Coolidge also took home another statue thanks to the White Lotus cast winning Best Drama Series Ensemble. This is the latest successful night for the star, who has recently nabbed an Emmy and a Golden Globe for the same performance.

We hope these wins keep coming, Jennifer.

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