Reese Witherspoon Gives First Tease of ‘Legally Blonde 3’ & Says *This* Co-Star Will Get a Lot of Screen Time

There hasn't been much word yet on the forthcoming Legally Blonde 3, but everything we know so far has already got us real excited.

Reese Witherspoon (AKA the Elle Woods herself) just recently gave some major teases about the movie, which is set to be released in May of 2022. The 45-year-old actress sat down for an interview with Backstage alongside her co-star, Jennifer Coolidge (who will be reprising the role of Paulette). Of course, the conversation turned to discussion about the next Legally Blonde installment.

As interviewer Benjamin Lindsay noted, 2021 is the twentieth anniversary of the original film's release. And while asking the two questions about their interview process and memories from filming, Lindsay eventually requested details of the future flick, asking what they were looking forward to about working together again.

“Well, I'm dying to know. You know, Reese is the keeper of the keys and she knows all the secrets,” Coolidge joked. “I know so little of what's happening with that so I can't wait to hear what Reese has to say today.”

Reese then said, “I wish I could take a poll of everybody watching to say like, ‘What do you wanna see us do?’” She added, “I mean, just the idea of being anywhere with Jennifer would be the greatest. And visiting characters 20 years later to see what's changed about them and what hasn't.”

Witherspoon then talked about the themes of the original movie and how they will continue in the next installment. “The movie is such a feminist movie too, at the time, about really that your life doesn't have to be defined by your romantic relationships,” she said. “It can be defined by your girlfriends, by your sense of self-worth, by your job, your education, your accomplishment. So it's interesting to visit characters 20 years later.” she added.

Witherspoon also said, “Mindy Kaling's writing it. [She and Dan Goor are] in the process of it.” Kaling has previously told Access, “We wrote Elle Woods at 40, so how Elle is at 40 versus how she was at 21 has been really fun to imagine...I can't wait to see what people will think of the way we wrote [her].”

To close the interview, Witherspoon then gestured to herself and Coolidge and said, “It's a lot of me and this lady. That's all I have to say.”

Lots of Reese and Jennifer? That's all we needed to hear.

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