Given the regular royal hubbub (Kate is preggo! George started school!), you probably consider yourself somewhat of an expert when it comes to George and Char. Still, there are a handful of things you might not know about the two cutest kids across the pond.

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Kate’s Pregnancies Haven’t Been Easy

Sure, morning sickness is never fun, but George and Charlotte (and royal baby #3) have put the royal mama through the ringer with a condition known as hyperemesis gravidarum. A bit of background: It affects one in every 100 pregnant women and usually results in hospitalization due to severe nausea, vomiting and dehydration. Poor Kate!

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George Calls Queen Eliz “Gan-Gan”

In an interview with ITV, Kate revealed this was the name George affectionately gave to his grandmother at the age of two and a half. It’s also a major (and adorable) improvement compared with what Prince William used as a kid for Queen Elizabeth: Gary.

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Char Has the Chance to Be Queen

Yep, thanks to an update in 2015 to the Succession of the Crown Act—which hadn’t been revised since 1701—princes no longer take precedent over princesses when it comes to ascending the throne. That means that Charlotte (aka the spare to the heir) is officially next in line after George and before Prince Harry, NBD.

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Both Kids Are Fashion TrendSetters

Cue the website crash: If George and Charlotte wear it, the chances are high that online retailers won’t be able to handle the sudden influx of web traffic brought on by shoppers who want to immediately replicate their royal (and itty bitty) style. They also don’t shy away from European influences outside the U.K. Kate opts for a ton of British and Spanish brands—no doubt an influence from the kids’ Spanish nanny Maria Borrallo.

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But Neither George Nor Char Has an Official Surname

As crazy as it sounds, members of the royal family—George and Charlotte included—don’t officially have last names. This is in part due to the fact that the lineage of the surnames bestowed on them is über-complicated, but also because the title HRH (his or her royal highness) kind of carries its own weight. That said, on the occasion that they do need a family moniker to go by—government forms, prep school paperwork—the fallback has been to pull from their house name. Case in point: If you want George to respond in the classroom, he’s George Cambridge to you, madame.

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George Isn’t Allowed to Have a Best Friend

School rules at Thomas’s Battersea. Having a bestie is a no-no since students are encouraged to be friendly with all of their classmates and not pick favorites so that everyone feels included. Another fun fact: The all-inclusive policy also extends to birthday celebrations, meaning you either invite every child in the class or none at all. (Sleepover at Kensington Palace, anyone?)

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They Know All About Princess Diana

William recently revealed in a documentary honoring the 20th anniversary of his mother’s death that he keeps his “mum’s” memory alive by talking about her frequently around the kids. Not only has he placed pictures of Diana all over the house, but he frequently tells stories about “Granny Diana” to remind his children that they actually have two grandmothers, not one. Awww.

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William and Kate Want George and Charlotte to Lead Normal Lives

ICYMI, William and Kate are kind of paving the way when it comes to helping the littlest royals enjoy a normal existence, despite the fact that they’ll rule England in a few decade’s time. For example, Mom and Dad Cambridge handle school drop-off and pickup for George; they’ve banned screens; and they’re as hands-on as possible with playdates, bubbles and more. Fingers crossed this means Charlotte and George will follow in the footsteps of their totally down-to-earth parents.

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