‘The Handmaid’s Tale’ Season 2 Reveals an Even Darker Side of Gilead

We already know season two of The Handmaid’s Tale will go beyond author Margaret Atwood’s source material, but now we finally have an idea of what horrors await us.

According to Marie Claire, the critically praised series will finally introduce us to the much-whispered-about Colonies. You know, the place where disobedient women (called Unwomen in the patriarchy known as Gilead) are sent to shovel toxic sludge until their eventual death.

Costume designer Ane Crabtree, spoke on the bleak reality of the Colonies, telling the mag, “The Unwomen are kind of the new Handmaids in season two. They’re turning over soil trying to move radiation so they get filthy. They have probably six months—at best two years—to live.”

Crabtree went on to share that in the color-coding obsession of Gilead, the Unwomen of the Colonies will wear a soft blue with a cutout in the back reminiscent of a zero. “We’re trying to show that humanity in their costumes. I made beautiful sheer pieces to be worn under their outfits, since they strip down as their clothing is full of radiation,” she said.

Emmy Award–winning director of photography Colin Watkinson offered additional details on the look and feel of season two, saying, “It’s a whole new bunch of locations that we’ve never seen before, so we’re trying to work out how that should look. [Showrunner] Bruce Miller had an idea that ties into everything we did in season one. On the face of it, some things are really beautiful, but they’re actually not.”

Symbolism, beautiful facades and color coding. We’re in for a real treat when the second season of Hulu’s award-winning drama returns in April. 

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