It’s a fact: Not all Thanksgiving foods are created equal (we’re looking at you, Jell-O salad). But General Mills just blew our mind with some fascinating Turkey Day trivia. Apparently, folks in some states like to eat really weird stuff. And here’s an infographic to prove it.

general mills thanksgiving map
General Mills

The data was gathered from top recipe searches on, and the cooking website from November 1 through Thanksgiving Day of 2016, and the results are pretty diverse. Some general trends: Southerners love sweet potatoes, Midwesterners love buffalo chicken dip (what?) and everyone loves pie.

Cousin Tina from Ohio might not appreciate your stuffing. Aunt Nancy in Arizona is serving shrimp toasts. (Oh, Aunt Nancy.) But don’t worry: We’re certain you can’t go wrong with a slice of pumpkin pie. Oh, and don’t forget the wine.

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