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For the uninitiated, Chrissy Teigen is a model, best-selling cookbook author, lip-sync commentator and basically dream BFF. Best of all, as evidenced by her must-follow Instagram account, she's also kinda just like us. These are our 11 favorite instances.

1. When she appreciated the effort that goes into a home-cooked meal

2. But wasn’t above a cup of noodles.

3. Or KFC. 

4. When she made fun of herself (for having a less-than-beautiful cry face).

5. When she was over the whole exercise thing. 

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6. When she had a dog photoshoot.

7. And a dog dance party.

8. When she suggested a casual dinner with Waffle House.

9. When she used a sheet mask.

10. When she defined relationship (and pizza) goals.

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11. And finally, when she did this.

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