This Pool Float Comes with a Cupholder for Your Boobs and Why Didnt We Think of This?!

We thought we’d seen it all when it comes to pool floats: retro convertible-shaped ones, giant six-person unicorn floats, Italian designer versions

But then we came across one from Bravissimo that contains a cupholder for your, er, girls, and we couldn’t believe our eyes (which, are up here, by the way). The float, which is bright pink with white stripes and literally has a shelf for your chest, started out as an April Fool’s joke on social media but quickly garnered serious attention. Welp, it’s real and it’s here just in time for summer (for $45 on the company’s website).

OK, we were skeptical at first, too. A pool float with a place for your boobs? That seems a bit…much. But then it dawned on us how much more comfortable we’d be lying on our stomach (and getting a bit of sun on our back…while wearing sunscreen, obvi), and we were immediately on board. 

Also, we’re just suckers for a good pun. Cupholders?! (Genius.)

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