When it comes to badass fictional females, Lara Croft is at the top of our list (loveyoumeanit, Wonder Woman). 

So, needless to say, we squealed a little (OK, a lot) when we got our hands on the just-released trailer for the new Tomb Raider movie starring none other than Academy Award-winning beauty Alicia Vikander.

With death-defying waterfall jumps and Katniss-style archery skills, the new trailer reveals there will be no shortage of Vikander’s ripped physique. (Seriously, Alicia, who’s your trainer?)

It’s been 15 years (not like we’ve been waiting or anything) since Angelina Jolie and her booty shorts starred in the original Tomb Raider films. But now we’re looking forward to seeing the Ex Machina star show those machine-gun-slinging bad guys that no one messes with the (former) fearless AI robot Ava.   

Oh, and it appears Vikander is trading in Jolie’s signature gun-holstering booty shorts for something a little more modest. Halloween costume? Done and done.

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