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When it comes to tacos, there are three cardinal rules: Nothing soggy, chewy or bland, please. Here are our 18 favorite places to get a taco fix in NYC, ranked from “mmm” to “OMG.”

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NY Tacos List1

18. Tortilleria Mexicana Tres Hermanos

This no-frills Bushwick shop is one part taqueria, one part tortilla factory--yep, you can actually see the corn tortillas being made before your eyes while munching on one.

271 Starr St. (at Wyckoff Ave.), Brooklyn; 718-456-3422

NY Tacos List2

17. Amaranto

This sit-down joint (also in Bushwick) has more than just tacos on the menu, but we’re dreaming about the steak tacos with onions, mushrooms, watercress and chile de arbol sauce.

887 Hart St. (at Irving Ave.), Brooklyn;

NY Tacos List3

16. Tacos Morelos

Ready for the juiciest al pastor (pork marinated with chiles and pineapple) you’ve ever eaten? You might want to sit down for this one.

438 E. Ninth St. (at Ave. A); 347-772-5216 or

NY Tacos List4

15. Café Habana

These amazing chicken tacos are great on their own, but they’re even better with a side of corn smothered in cojita cheese.

17 Prince St. (at Elizabeth St.); 212-625-2001 or

NY Tacos List14

14. Taqueria Coatzingo

Venture to Jackson Heights for these beauties topped with delicious guac.

7605 Roosevelt Ave. (at 76th St.), Queens; 718-424-1977

NY Tacos List6

13. Empellón

Sure, chef Alex Stupak hasn’t had decades of taco-making experience, but we think he’s doing a pretty amazing job with the skirt steak tacos.

Multiple locations in Manhattan; 212-367-0999 or

NY Tacos List7

12. Rosie's

Summer assignment: Order a few suadero tacos (braised brisket with tomatillo-chipotle salsa) and eat them in the gorgeous open-air restaurant.

29 E. Second St. (at Second Ave.); 212-335-0114 or

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NY Tacos List8
Taqueria Diana

11. Taqueria Diana

This spot isn’t the fanciest, but the tasty tacos--especially the carne asada--definitely speak for themselves.

129 Second Ave. (at St. Marks Place); 646-422-7871 or

NY Tacos List9
Tres Carnes

10. Tres Carnes

The name means “you have to order three,” right? We’ll take the smoked pork, smoked brisket and smoked chicken, please.

Locations in Flatiron and Midtown East; 212-989-8737 or

NY Tacos List10

9. Tacoway Beach

The shop known as Rockaway Taco has now relocated and changed its name--but don’t worry, guys, the fish tacos are still completely out of control.

302 Beach 87th St. (at Rockaway Freeway);

NY Tacos List11

8. Ricos Tacos

Stop by this unassuming storefront in Sunset Park, order the steak tacos and have your mind blown.

505 51st St. (at Fifth Ave.), Brooklyn; 718-633-4816

NY Tacos List12
El Atoradero

7. El Atoradero Brooklyn

There are a million choices, so we’re here to help you out: Try the carnitas tacos.

708 Washington Ave. (at Prospect Pl.), Brooklyn;

NY Tacos List13

6. Taqueria Tehuitzingo

Finally, an amazing taco joint in the Port Authority food desert. Best post-traveling meal ever.

578 Ninth Ave. (at 42nd St.); 646-707-3916 or

NY Tacos List14

5. Tortilleria Nixtamal

Homemade corn tortillas? Check. Incredible al pastor? Check. Mexican iced coffee that puts Starbucks to shame? Check.

104-05 47th Ave. (at 104th St.), Queens; 718-669-2434 or

NY Tacos List15
Otto's Taco

4. Otto's Tacos

These L.A.-inspired tacos keep it simple, with only five choices on the menu. We’ll have a shrimp with serrano crema, por favor.

Locations in the East Village, West Village and Hell’s Kitchen; 646-918-7681 or

NY Tacos List16

3. Cascabel

When it comes to Mexican street food, David Chiong and Elizabeth Gaudreau don’t mess around. Congratulations: This is your new Taco Tuesday spot.

1556 Second Ave. (at 80th St.); 212-717-8226 or

NY Tacos List17

2. Taco Mix

No time for a trip to Mexico? Take a field trip to East Harlem instead. The mouthwatering tacos al pastor are the real deal, people.

234 E. 116th St. (at Second Ave.); 212-289-2963 or

NY Tacos List18
Los Tacos No. 1

1. Los Tacos No. 1

They call it “No. 1” for a reason. Venture inside Chelsea Market for a taco experience. The only challenge--there’s no seating, so you’ll have to keep your balance when the pork adobado makes you weak in the knees.

Chelsea Market, 75 Ninth Ave. (at 15th St.); 212-256-0343 or

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