20 Fun New Ways to Cook with Fruits and Veggies This Spring

One of our favorite parts about spring (in addition to changing our wardrobe and drinking iced coffee instead of hot) is seeing the new offerings at the farmers’ market. So we’ve compiled a list of exactly how to cook these delicious, in-season fruits and veggies.

30 Spring Dinner Recipes You Can Make in 30 Minutes or Less

Apricot Turnovers

Can this be our breakfast from now until summer?

Green Pizza With Pesto, Feta, Artichokes And Broccoli

We’ll forgive the rectangular slices because this looks so darn good.

Baked Green Pea Fritters

These little guys are vegan and gluten-free.

Whole Roasted Radishes

We like our side dishes pretty.

Savory Ramp And Cheddar Muffins

FYI, ramps are wild onions that taste like a cross between onions and garlic.

in season springonion
A Saucy Kitchen

Ginger And Spring Onion Egg Drop Soup

The spicier, the better.

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Garlic And Parsley Butter Shrimp

*Drizzles parsley butter over entire life*

Creamy Vegan Nettles Soup With Kale And Cauliflower

Nettles—a term for about 40 plants from the Urtica genus—are rarely found in home kitchens. But if you’re willing to give them a try, they’re super flavorful and incredibly healthy.

Rhubarb-almond Cake

We’ll have two slices, please.

Strawberry Salsa

Serve this delicious mix with tortilla chips or scoop a healthy amount on top of a salad.

Cherry-chocolate-chip Cookies

Just when we thought chocolate-chip cookies couldn’t get any better.

Tuscan White Bean Soup

Seven ingredients are all you need for this winning combo.

Balsamic Parmesan Roasted Asparagus And Tomatoes

Tip: This tastes 100 percent better eaten outside.

Polenta-stuffed Morels

The creaminess of the polenta is the perfect match for the meatiness of the mushrooms.

Kohlrabi Salad With Cilantro And Lime

Light, fresh and wonderful.

in season kumquat
Bright Eyed Baker

Kumquat Vanilla Bean Bundt Cake

Tastes best with a scoop of vanilla ice cream.

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Kiwi Lime Sorbet

Not too sweet, not too tart.

Sauteed Dandelion Greens With Eggs

And a good morning to you, too.

Spring Leek Soup With Gruyere Toasts

If for nothing else, do it for the cheese.

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