Here’s How the ‘Great British Baking Show’ Judges Actually Eliminate Contestants, According to Prue Leith

It’s no secret The Great British Baking Show has taken Netflix by storm. But how exactly do the judges critique the competition?

Well, Prue Leith detailed the show’s judging process during an exclusive interview with E! News. The TV personality revealed that the process is far more extensive than what’s shown on TV. In fact, she and the other judges—Paul Hollywood, Matt Lucas and Noel Fielding—will analyze each dessert and then “score it one to ten.”

prue leith great british baking show judging netflix
Mark Bourdillon/Netflix

“Normally, we try and judge each episode. Everybody starts on a level playing field,” she said. “It doesn’t matter how badly you did the week before. It doesn’t matter how well you did the week before. It doesn’t count, except for when the judges are completely stuck.”

If she disagrees with the other judges, they look at the bigger picture. “You don’t see this, but we actually score everybody, which is helpful to us,” Leith said. “If we get to the stage, and we often do, where it seems to all come down to the Showstopper and there’s a disagreement where I think somebody is slightly better than the other, we’ll go back and look at how they did the day before.”

prue leith great british baking show judging
Mark Bourdillon/Netflix

Leith continued, “If we’re still stuck and we’re still genuinely unable to choose somebody and we think, ‘This is crazy, these two people are absolutely equal,’ we will go back and look at how they’ve done up until then in the competition, which we normally don’t do.”

Who knew desserts were so complicated?

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