We love a gorgeous celebrity mother-daughter duo (looking at you, Reese Witherspoon and Ava Phillippe), but there’s something to be said about the striking resemblance between Cindy Crawford and her ultra-beautiful clone daughter, Kaia Gerber. Despite their 35-year age difference, Gerber is almost an exact replica of her supermodel mom. Check out these nine photos that prove that Crawford and Gerber are basically the most beautiful 51- and 15-year-old twins ever.

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They Are Abnormally Photogenic

The doppelgängers rocked our worlds in 2016 when they appeared on the cover of Vogue Paris and proved there is such a thing as reincarnation.

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And Have Identical Profiles

It may take you a second to decipher who’s who. But Gerber is definitely on the right…we mean the left…

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They Share the Same Sense of Style

At the age of 15, most of us would have sooner died of embarrassment than been caught wearing matching outfits with our mom. But since her mom is Cindy Crawford, it’s no wonder Gerber doesn’t seem to mind a little mommy and me fashion coordination. Crawford took to Instagram to share a mirror image of the duo wearing matching Co+Co jumpsuits, and the resemblance is uncanny.

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And Supermodel Genes/Jeans

Gerber possesses all of her mother’s best qualities: flawless brows, striking features, facial moles and designer denim.

They Both Love Working on Their Fitness

Genes and jeans are one thing, but those supermodel legs aren’t going to tone themselves.

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And Know How to Take Flawless Selfies (Duh)

Kaia began modeling at age 10, so she (like her mother) knows a thing or two about working the camera. Lighting? Check. Flattering angles? Check. Supermodel ferocity? Since day one.

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They Know How to Take Care of Themselves

As the founder of Meaningful Beauty, Crawford is a wrinkle-free, anti-aging guru. And she’s clearly passed her self-care tips on to her daughter, who will likely age just as gracefully. *Sigh*

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And Damn, They've Got Gams

Looks aside, Gerber and Crawford both currently measure up to 5’9.”

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Basically, the Resemblance Is Undeniable

Quick glance: Gerber or Crawford? The answer: 21-year-old Crawford, a mere six years older than her 15-year-old Kaia her mini-me is today.

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