Um, You Can Now Hire an Instagram Husband Via TaskRabbit

Proof you can outsource pretty much anything these days: Just in time for New York Fashion Week—and for a limited time only—TaskRabbit is offering the option to rent an Instagram Husband (or Wifey, per the site) to snap pictures of you looking all cute on the go.

Need a refresher on Instagram Husbands? Basically, they’re the devoted hubby in your life that never balks at requests to take 50+ photos just to capture one ‘grammable moment of their wives in the best possible light. 

But, duh, your real hubby probably has to go work at some point, which is where TaskRabbit comes in. Indeed, you can hire a veritable stranger to make you look good at all times, whether you’re breezing into the Alice + Olivia show or gracefully hailing a cab. (Yeah right.)

The going rate is $45/hour. But, light photo editing is also included so really all you have to do is press Share.

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