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We’re pretty serious about our favorite TV shows, and we have a feeling you are, too. So let’s get into character. Whether you’re tuning in to Making a Murderer or Broad City, here are 13 dinner menus to whip up for the feature presentation.

“House of Cards”: BBQ Baby Back Ribs

Channel your inner Frank Underwood and dig into some serious pork. You better also pour a big glass of Merlot for Claire.

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“Jane the Virgin”: Grilled Cheese

One-up Jane’s favorite comfort food by making this cheesy triple-decker sandwich. Then stress-eat during your inner debate over whether to root for Michael or Rafael.

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“Narcos”: Rice and Beans

If you’re going to watch the brutal, harrowing story of Pablo Escobar, you might as well do it with a plate of rice and beans.

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“Game of Thrones”: Wine-Braised Turkey Legs

Feast like a Lannister, and don’t go easy on the vino.

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“Downton Abbey”: Tea and Finger Sandwiches

"Appearances are everything at Downton."

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“Girls”: Ramen...or anything in a mason jar

Pairs best with PBR. And self-deprecation.

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“Orange is the New Black”: Lunchables

Maybe you made it to the commissary today.

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“Making a Murderer”: Bratwurst and Beer

If you even have an appetite after an episode or two, cook this classic Wisconsin dish.

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“Scandal”: Popcorn and a Goblet of Red Wine

Make like the Pope and get your drink on.

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“The Affair”: Lobster Rolls

Transport yourself to steamy Montauk.

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“Mad Men”: Beef Wellington and Scotch

Unless you’re a Peggy. Then just marijuana.

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“Master of None”: Chicken Tikka Masala

Master of Naan.

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“Broad City”: Cereal

By which we mean…marijuana.

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