The “Wixie” Is the Gen-Z-Approved Haircut Even Millennials Can Get Behind

Meet the pixie’s spunky sister

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From box bobs to choppy shags, short haircuts have been all the rage lately, so it’s not surprising that the latest trend that’s sweeping the Internet combines two of our favorite haircuts into one. Meet the “Wixie,” a pixie-shag hybrid that we just had to ask the experts all about.

Meet the Experts:

  • Jennifer Korab is a celebrity hairstylist and owner of Renaissance Salon in New Jersey. She has over a decade of experience working in commercial, runway and editorial spaces. She is certified in all coloring techniques, haircutting and hand-tied extensions.
  • Mahogany Grace is a celebrity hairstylist and owner of Mahogany Grace Salon in New York City. She has over 16 years of experience working in salons, red carpet events and at New York Fashion Week. She specializes in extensions, keratin treatments and styling services for all hair types.
  • Chris Naselli is a celebrity hairstylist and owner of Naselli & Co. in New York City. He specializes in cuts, color and styling services, including balayage, blowouts and keratin treatments. His clients include Nina Dobrev, Annie Murphy, Michelle Yeoh and Dianna Agron.

The Internet Is Loving the Box Bob This Season (and We Kinda Do, Too)

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What Is the "Wixie" Haircut?

“A Wixie is a trendy and modern twist on the traditional pixie haircut,” explains Korab. Also known as “the winged pixie,” it’s essentially a combination of a pixie and a short shag. The cut consists of wispy pieces around the face, layers down the sides and around the ears that flip upwards or wing out and longer tresses that hug the nape of the neck. This hybrid cut is an edgier version of its predecessor, and as Korab explains, “The winged layers around the face add shape and definition to the cut, while still giving off a chic and un-done vibe overall.”

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What's the Difference Between a "Bixie," "Mixie" and "Wixie"?

Listen, we know it can be quite confusing to keep up with the revolving door of haircut trends. It also doesn’t help that there are so many iterations of a pixie these days, but we’ll try our best to break down the three most popular styles. When it comes to the “Bixie,” it takes the form of a classic bob haircut, so expect longer layers that sit right at or just past the chin. The “Mixie” has more of a mullet flair, so you’ll have shorter layers around the ears, accompanied by longer tendrils that flow down the back of your head. Last but not least, the “Wixie” sits in-between these two styles, as it leaves medium-length tendrils around the ears, while keeping the long layers at the nape of the neck.

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Why Is This Haircut So Popular Right Now?

First and foremost, the name alone sounds so whimsical that it immediately piques your interest, right? But mainly we’re in a season of low-maintenance haircuts that require minimal styling. The winged pixie also joins the rising trend of hybrid styles that have been popping up over the last few years. “Hybrid haircuts are popular because they provide a unique personalization and versatility to more traditional styles. This customization results in a haircut that feels fresh, modern and tailored to the individual,” says Korab.

Plus, if you’re not entirely ready for the big chop, a “Wixie” lets you rock a short haircut without sacrificing too much length. “People who are looking for a change, but don’t want to fully commit to a super short haircut now have another option,” explains Naselli. “With the Wixie, you have long layered pieces that frame the face, but can still be tucked behind the ears or left alone to soften your features.” It’s such a versatile haircut that trendsetting celebs like Rowan Blanchard, Emma Corrin and Belen Cuesta are sporting it these days.

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Who Can Rock This Trendy Haircut?

According to the experts we interviewed, this haircut is best for medium to fine hair and is the most flattering on heart, square and round face shapes since the winged tendrils enhance and balance out your facial features. However, they also assure that the “Wixie” can be molded to fit any hair type or face shape. “This look can absolutely be worn with textured hair, especially if it’s long enough to use a flat iron on. The wrapping and setting method or getting keratin treatments can also help in making textured hair easier to style and maintain with this cut,” says Grace. Bottom line: Even if you have coily and/or thick locks, the “Wixie” can still add definition and movement to your hair (and look amazingon ya, too).

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How Do You Ask a Stylist for a "Wixie"?

As always, it’s best to have a photo ready to show your stylist—especially one that mirrors your own hair type and face shape. Our panel of experts recommend starting with a hair consultation to figure out the type of “Wixie” you want. During this session, your stylist will take your hair type, face shape and lifestyle into account. Once you’re on the same page, they’ll start snipping the top before working on the sides and nape of the neck until you get to your desired results.

How to Style a "Wixie" Haircut

Even within the “Wixie” world, there are slight variations for styling your cut. Not to worry, our experts have compiled some helpful tips and products to get you started.

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1. Tousled and Textured

A tousled look is a great choice for the “Wixie” and Emma Corrin is a prime example of this. As Korab explains, this haircut always looks great with more texture and volume, so she suggests applying a styling product (like a wax or paste) through damp hair and raking it through with your fingers or a wide comb. Like Corrin above, you can scrunch the tips lightly for a piece-y, finish.

2. The Wet Look

The wet look will always pair well with this haircut and give off a cool girl vibe—just look at model Cierra Nia Wright above for inspo. Naselli suggests applying a mousse (like Biotera’s) to damp hair and using a diffuser on the cold setting or letting it air dry, which keeps your hair’s natural movement and texture. “Use a round brush to wing out the sides before finishing the look with texture paste for definition,” he adds.

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3. Super Sleek

For a super sleek and edgy look, Grace recommends applying a styling gel that adds shine and gives a strong hold to your strands. Slick your hair all the way back or create a deep side part like Rowan for a smooth finish.

4. Voluminous "Wixie"

Looking to bring some life back to your fine locks? It starts with applying mousse or a volumizing spray to damp hair before working the diffuser at the roots to add volume. Another helpful idea from our experts: Use a flat brush and blow dryer to lift the hair at the crown before going over the ends with a small round brush and flat iron to get the winged effect.

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