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You’ve mastered the art of tying a silk scarf around your neck, wrist and even handbag. Now it’s time to try adding one to your ’do. Here are two super-easy ways to tie your hair up with a scarf.

Look One
Step 1: Gather your hair as if you're about to put in a ponytail. Instead of making a full pony, pull the hair only halfway through your elastic (like a sloppy bun), creating a loop.

Step 2: Fold your scarf into a triangle, and roll it up into one long piece, then thread the scarf through your hair loop.

Step 3: Wrap each side of the scarf under and around your hair once or twice to shorten the ends before tying them together under your bun. Secure with bobby pins.

Look Two
Step 1: Fold your scarf into a triangle and loop it through a hair elastic so that it drapes evenly on each side.

Step 2: Use the elastic to secure your hair in a high ponytail with the scarf hanging below the base of the pony.

Step 3: Separate your hair into two equal sections and braid it with the scarf acting as the third piece. Tie the end off with a clear elastic for a nice, clean look.

Step 4: Wrap the braid into a bun, using bobby pins to fasten everything in place.

Step 5: Finally, take the two loose scarf ends, tie them into a pretty little knot and tuck in any remaining fabric. 

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Additional Reporting by Abby Hepworth

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