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Chuda Cream Is the Best Thing to Happen to Sunburned Skin

Sunburns happen—even to the most fanatic sunscreen appliers among us. All it takes is one innocent nap on the beach (aka the best place to fall asleep) to wake up to an angry burn.

This is exactly what happened to me over the weekend, when I dozed off for about 20 minutes and caused my stomach to turn that dreaded shade of scarlet. Normally, I'd reach for aloe vera to soothe the spot, but this time I decided to try this supposed miracle cream that I kept hearing about. 

Created by Dr. Elena Ocher, who is a neurosurgeon, anesthesiologist and pain specialist (um, so, pretty qualified), Chuda Healing Cream is formulated with a centuries-old compound of ingredients like pine flower pollen and propolis (which is used to treat wounds). When applied to sunburned skin, it speeds up the healing process dramatically, as if you hyperlapsed it. 

Because of its initial texture (sort of waxy and thick like Aquaphor), you’re supposed to warm up a pea-sized scoop between your fingers before applying it to your skin—so it’s easier to spread over your fresh burn without any tugging. Trust me on this.

I smeared two pea-sized scoops across my abdomen and went to bed. Eight and a half hours later, I woke up and excitedly inspected my tummy (like a kid who just discovered their belly button for the first time). The burn had calmed down significantly, turning from a deep fuchsia to millennial pink overnight. (How trendy of my skin recovery.)

You’re probably wondering what the catch is, right? Well, miracle creams concocted by medical geniuses don’t come cheap. A full-size tub will cost you $150 for 1.7 ounces...yeah. Luckily, it also comes in a more palatable one-ounce size for $80—or you can always start with the half-ounce jar for a modest $15. Hey, at least you know it’s TSA-approved for your next international beach nap.

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