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Truth: Other than the moments when your adorbs baby Mason needs a diaper change, the scent of your six-month-old is something you wouldn’t mind inhaling all the livelong day. But according to a recent study published in Trends in Cognitive Sciences, there’s actually a scientific reason why babies always smell so great.

It has to do with their cuteness--and their survival instincts.

Here, we’ll explain: Basically, babies come out of the womb ready to appeal and charm the pants off your caregiving senses--their squishable cheeks, sweet coos and (you guessed it) delicious-smelling scent are all a biological tactic for triggering attention and affection from every mom/dad/doting aunt they meet.

In fact, their cuteness is what signals our brains to instinctually nurture and protect them, not to mention express empathy, compassion and love every time they laugh, cry or gurgle. 

So you want to sniff your baby. So what? It’s biology--and there’s nothing you can do about that.

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