Less than a century ago, it was perfectly normal to take a weekly bath. If you really think about it, daily showers are a more recent--and honestly, privileged--practice. And while there are no hard and fast rules to how often you should shower (it mostly boils down to personal preference), here are eight reasons why it’s totally OK to skip a day or two sometimes.

dry skin list

It can dry you out

Especially if you have sensitivities like eczema or rosacea--in which case, the less you expose your skin to hot water, the better. Also, too much washing can strip the naturally occurring oils and healthy bacteria that protect your skin (which can lead to that uncomfortable tight feeling).

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Your clothes protect you

Most of your body is covered in clothing, so there's not a lot of direct contact with the environment. Any bacteria or viruses you do come into contact with are transmitted through the hands, which need to get washed a lot more often than, oh, your stomach.

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Like really protect you

Studies have shown that your clothes are surprisingly effective absorbers of oil and sweat. Meaning that a daily change of duds (especially your undergarments) will do far more for your hygiene than a shower will.

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Your products are smarter than you think

Your deodorant and dry shampoo have come a long way since their humble beginnings (corn starch, anyone?). Just make sure you’re using them correctly.

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You’ll use less water

Good for the environment and your utility bill.

less product list

And save money

That pricey shampoo and conditioner (and fine, hair mask) your stylist recommended after your last round of highlights would last much longer if you stopped using them everyday.

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You’ll also save time

15 minutes showering. 10 minutes hair drying. Three minutes hair straightening. The struggle is real.

no stink

And you won’t stink

Unless you sweat like crazy or live in a very humid climate, you’ll be fine. If you’re really concerned about B.O., give key areas (underarms and under the belt) a quick wipe down with a soapy washcloth or cleansing towelette.

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