Gen Z Can't Seem to Embrace This Beloved Millennial Wellness Trend

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There was period of time, around 2015 or 2016-ish, where you simply couldn’t get millennials to stop talking about CBD. For the uninitiated, cannabidiol, or CBD, is a non-psychoactive cannabinoid, meaning that it doesn’t have any intoxicating or euphoric effects. Instead, CBD enthusiasts—many of them in the 26 to 41 demographic—report feeling slightly more relaxed and at ease. Millennials stockpiled everything from soothing CBD lotions, yummy gummies and everything in-between. If it had CBD in it, millennials were game. (This particular millennial even used CBD oil to calm her blinding migraines for a spell). Fast forward seven years later and Gen Z is shaking the table by lowkey renouncing the ingredient. That’s right. The generation that brought back Crocs, and resin jewelry seems to think CBD super cheugy. *Cue millennial gasp*

Gen Z Is Begging Millennials to Stop “Teapot Posing”

If not CBD, what is Gen Z opting for?

According to a study conducted by The Unwinder—an educational platform providing evidence-based articles on wellness products and practices—only 27 percent of Gen Z showed interest in CBD. The results were a stark contrast from a similar study the company conducted last year, which showed CBD as being popular across all demographics. It turns out, in 2022, zoomers prefer ashwagandha (35 percent), an adaptogenic herb that’s popular in ayurvedic medicine, and elderberry (33 percent), which is known to promote a healthy balance of gut bacteria.

Where do boomers stand?

In a rare occurrence, it turns out boomers are siding with millennials on this one. While they may roll their eyes at how we interact with our dogs or scoff at our brightly-colored living rooms, boomers are in agreeance with millennials when it comes to using CBD. A study conducted by Supermarket News in 2019 revealed that the two oft-opposing generations practically spearheaded the mainstream use of CBD. The study found that 41 percent of boomers were sourcing and disseminating info about CBD on social media platforms as well as blogs and forums, backed by 18 percent of millennials. Searches for the term were mostly surrounding pain management, anxiety and depression, health and beauty, as well as pet care.

It seems the study was dead on, as several boomers we spoke to mentioned they use CBD for pain relief. “I have been a fan of CBD for years,” Roberta Perry, 60, tells us. “I learned about it on a trip to California years ago and purchased some to try. The cream I bought was so effective that I started making my own. I also started taking CBD as a tincture, daily with my vitamins. I find it adds a basic calmness to my mood, helps my osteoarthritis (along with the cream) and just helps everything stay in better balance.”

Another boomer, Phyllis Demascus, 58, says she uses CBD products to calm mild ailments as well as get some shut-eye. “I had ankle surgery three years ago and it bothers me from time to time, so I use CBD FX’s Muscle and Joint Cream to help ease the soreness,” she explains. The Dallas-based accountant adds, “During tax season, I also use their sleep tincture a lot, which helps me calm down and go to sleep when I’ve had a fast-paced day.”

5 CBD Products to Check Out

1. Standard Dose Cbd Beginner Kit

For any Gen Z-ers who want to test the CBD waters, here’s curated a beginner’s kit courtesy of Standard Dose. It comes with a Hemp Queen patch, the Standard Dose tincture and the Daily Softgel Capsule from Prima, you know, just to ease you into the idea.

2. Theraone Activate Cbd Lotion (red)

Made with USDA Certified Organic CBD and all-natural essential oils, it’s no wonder this lotion is a fan-favorite. “I’m obsessed with this cream! The tea tree makes it smell so good,” one avid user professes. “I’ve had a few nights when I woke up because I was in so much pain from my workout, and this helped soothe my muscles so I could fall back asleep. I haven’t been able to find one that works quite as well as this one.”

3. Lord Jones High Cbd Formula Bath Salts

For those days where you want to treat yourself to a nice relaxing bath, go for these CBD-infused bath salts by Lord Jones. They’re made with arnica and calendula flowers as well as Epsom and Himalayan pink salts in addition to 240mg of CBD. And we can’t forget about the added evergreen and citrus scents that will certainly have your bathroom smelling like a fancy spa.

4. Flora + Bast Age Adapting Cbd Serum

If you don’t believe that CBD is versatile as hell, then try this serum that fights redness, uneven texture, acne and blemishes like nobody’s business. “I got a sample size with an order and wow. Just from half that little bottle my skin tone was the most even I had ever seen and my forehead lines were gone,” raves one reviewer. “I got the full size and it lasted around six months.” Long-lasting and effective. We love to see it.

5. Lord Jones White Peach Hemp-derived Cbd Gum Drops

Nothing like the sweet taste of juicy, sun-ripened peaches to calm you down after a long day, right? Each handcrafted gumdrop is infused with 20mg of the broad-spectrum hemp-derived CBD, just enough to soothe you.

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