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As much as we love the holidays, we don’t love how we feel when we overdo it (oh, hello, bloating and exhaustion). But it doesn’t have to be this way. Check out our favorite ways to stay healthy and take back the jolliest time of year.

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Fill Your Plate Wisely

While, yes, it’s extremely hard to resist piling a little bit of everything onto your plate, try to be a bit more thoughtful about what you choose. Do you really want that sweet potato casserole? If your taste buds don’t light up at the thought, then skip it, move on to the next dish and ask yourself the same question. If you fill your plate with only the foods you love, your meal will be all-around more satisfying (and less shame-inducing).

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Be Smart About Your Cocktails

The holiday season isn’t exactly the kindest to our bodies. Between helping ourselves to endless desserts (mainly apple pie à la mode) and nonstop trays of finger food, it’s no wonder that our stomachs feel bloated. To combat the gluttony, we recommend serving a refreshing yet healthy cocktail. Mix antioxidant-infused Bai Panama Peach, which has one gram of sugar (plus no artificial sweeteners) and is only five calories, with elderflower liqueur, gin and figs. Your guests definitely won’t complain about going back for seconds.

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Explore New Exercise Options

Right now, your usual spin class probably feels stale, which makes it that much harder to stay on track. So sign up for something new instead (now’s a good time to finally take your flexible friend up on aerial yoga). In addition to helping you work off all that pie, a challenging exercise that requires a lot of focus will clear your mind and put you in a better mood, so you don’t have to worry about inadvertently lashing out at your mother-in-law.

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Take a Probiotic

In an effort to increase your digestive health (and boost your immunity), take a probiotic supplement. All the good bacteria from the probiotic will balance out the bad and keep your gut in good shape. And, given all the excess food, we welcome these little guys with open arms.

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Don’t Forget About You

Between hosting and parties and presents, we often put ourselves second to friends and family. (Like the time you let cousin Katie sleep in your bed for an entire week.) While totally honorable, your selfless nature can take a toll on your mental and physical health, so make it a point to do at least one thing that brings a quiet smile to your face each day. Take a solo walk around the neighborhood or bring your favorite book to a local coffee shop, just for an hour. You deserve a little me-time.

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