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Have you ever sat down at your desk to answer some emails…and looked up to realize that hours have passed since you last stood up? Stiff back and potential weight gain aside, too much sitting has been linked to everything from diabetes to heart disease. Terrifying, yes, but the fix is simple: Incorporate a few easy little ways to move more throughout the day.

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Download an app
We love Stand Up! Or set an alarm on your phone that reminds you to get up and stretch every 30 minutes.

Take your meeting outdoors
Instead of your usual catch-up in a conference room or coffee shop, hit the sidewalk. You’ll get some extra steps in, and getting your blood flowing might even spur your creativity.

Take a roundabout way back to your desk
Need to pick up something at the printer? Take the longest possible way to and from your desk.

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Visit your colleagues
Bonus points if your coworker is on another floor or in a different part of the building.

Pace while you’re on calls
An average conference call can easily last up to an hour. Think of all the extra calories you can burn just by circling the office while chatting.

Run some errands
There are plenty of small to-dos that often get neglected, like fetching your mail or (finally) cleaning your dishes from the communal fridge. You’ll get some movement in—and your coworkers will be happier, too.

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Always take the stairs
And hey, even if your office is on the 14th floor and you’re wearing heels, take the stairs for three or four flights, then hop on the elevator the rest of the way. (It doesn’t always have to be an all or nothing thing. Every little bit helps.)

Fill a glass of water
Ditch the big jug you keep by your desk and grab a smaller cup so you have to get up to refill more often. (Keep that up and you’ll be making extra trips to the ladies' room as well.)

Tap your legs and toes
That tiny movement alone can burn up to hundreds of extra calories a day, so cue the Spotify playlist and get to tapping, y’all.

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Do some (subtle) exercises
Leg lifts (in addition to your toe tapping) under the desk, tightening your core, twisting your abs: All of these moves are discreet enough that your colleagues won’t notice or mind. (OK, they might notice the tricep dips, but get them to join you.)

Clean your desk every day
Throw out any papers or Post-its you no longer need, water that tiny succulent and wipe the smudges off your monitor. You’ll get more movement in and you’ll have a tidy workspace to return to the next morning. Win-win.

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