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Most mornings, you’re lucky if you can drag yourself out of bed and make it to work on time. So how does Sheila from accounting breeze in early after making breakfast, running six miles and reading four chapters of Swing Time? Because she’s trained herself to be a morning person. Here’s how you can do it, too. 

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Eat Dinner Earlier

Becoming a morning person isn’t as easy as just setting your alarm for two hours earlier. It’s about adjusting your whole day so you’re doing everything earlier, including digesting your food. If you’re aiming to wake up at 6 a.m., set a goal to eat and finish dinner by 8 p.m. the night before so you’ll have two hours to digest and wind down before bed.

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Swap Coffee For Herbal Tea

If your mind races when you try to go to bed early, give yourself a caffeine curfew of 1 p.m. (Don’t worry, your beloved morning latte is still A-OK.) Once the sun sets, sip valerian tea to get you relaxed and ready for an early bedtime.

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Turn Off the TV

Story of our lives: It’s 8 p.m. and we’re doing a great job knocking items off the to-do list. Then a Seinfeld rerun sucks us in and George is eating an éclair out of the trash and suddenly, it’s midnight. Read a book to unwind instead, and you’ll be drifting off before the end of the chapter, we promise.

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Procrastinate (…Well, Kinda)

Instead of going to the gym, grocery shopping and washing your hair before bed, put it off until the morning. It’ll give you a structured to-do list, and you’ll get it all done twice as fast. (You won’t believe how empty Whole Foods is right when it opens.) 

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Play Hide-and-Seek with Your Alarm

You know that thing where you wake up and realize you’ve already snoozed your alarm three times? Well, it’s pretty hard to do when you put your alarm clock in a totally different location every night. Tonight, under the bed. Tomorrow, on the dresser. The next night, out in the hallway. If there’s an outlet, there’s a way.

early bird sleeping

Accept a Few Nights of Bad Sleep

It’s inevitable: If you’re shifting your bedtime four hours earlier, you’re bound to have a few restless nights and groggy mornings. Don’t let them derail you. Just think—if you feel this exhausted when you wake up, getting into your PJs right after dinner will be awesome.

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Keep It Consistent

We know. You want to stay out late Friday night and sleep until noon on Saturday. But the more you mess with your sleep schedule over the weekend, the trickier it will be to get back on track when Monday rolls around. So have a drink or two, then head home early to snuggle under the covers. Best of both worlds. 

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