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You already rent the dresses you wear to work and the jewelry you wear to parties, so why shouldn't you rent the leggings you wear to the gym? 

That's the question being asked by Routinely, an NYC start-up that's essentially Rent the Runway for activewear.

Here's how it works: You request a full kit (a sports bra, tank top, leggings, new hair tie, new socks and Nike Free RN sneakers), a kit without shoes or individual items. Then, set your delivery window, and the pieces will be sent to your office, apartment or hotel. You then have two days to wear everything and send it all back (minus the socks—you get to keep them). 

The kit with shoes costs $10, while the kit sans shoes is $8 and individual pieces are $6. You can also reserve a specific brand (from Lululemon and Outdoor Voices to Adidas and Under Armour) for an extra $2. 

We know what you're thinking: Isn't it kind of gross to wear already-used gym sneakers? But Routinely assures its customers that it uses “SteriShoe UV technology” after each use and replaces insoles.

For now, Routinely is only available in Manhattan, but based on the success of other rental subscriptions, we're sure they're already contemplating expansion.  

So...would you try it? 

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