The One Surprising Thing Preacher and Dan from ‘Virgin River’ Have in Common

September 7 may be an ordinary day for most of us. But for the cast of Virgin River, it marks two very special occasions.

Turns out, two major actors on the series share birthdays on that day—Colin Lawrence and Benjamin Hollingsworth. Lawrence (who plays John “Preacher” Middleton) turned 51 years old on Tuesday, while his co-star Hollingsworth (who portrays Dan Brady) turned 37.

How do we know this? Virgin River’s official IG account shared the news in a combined birthday post. “They may not see eye to eye but they do have one thing in common….HAPPY BIRTHDAY! @colinlawrence97 @hollingsworthb #virginriverseriesnetflix #virginriverseries #netflix #virginriver,” the caption read. The post included three photos of the men posing together on set.

Followers also sent their well wishes to the cast members in the comments section of the post. One individual wrote, “Wow! Happy birthday both of you!” A second chimed in, “Happy Birthday Guys. Sending lots of love.”

Just when we thought it couldn’t be any more of a coincidence, the social media account shared a second post, revealing that one more person shared the special day: Marco Grazzini (who plays Mike).

“Will @themarcograzzini be forgiven since he shares the same birthday!!” the new post’s caption read. (It’s important to note that after doing some research online, we learned that Grazzini’s birthday might actually be the 8.)

Clearly Lawrence and Hollingsworth find the situation just as interesting. Lawrence wrote in the comments, “This needs to be an episode on VR. Brady, Mike and Preach all have to have a birthday on the same day and be forced to sit down at jacks bar and split a pink with sprinkles on top birthday cake that Jack made us. Season 7 maybe.”

We love the idea.

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