Long before Milo Ventimiglia starred as Jack Pearson on This Is Us, he played Gilmore Girls’ resident bad boy, Jess Mariano. And although he had long dreamed of pursing a career as an actor, he definitely didn’t expect his first interaction with a fan to turn out quite like it did.

During a recent visit to The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, Ventimiglia recalled the first time a Gilmore Girls fan approached him IRL, and let’s just say it wasn’t a positive experience for anyone.

As Ventimiglia explained, he was minding his own business at the gym when a woman approached him and asked, “Excuse me. Do you play Jess on Gilmore Girls?” The then 24-year-old Ventimiglia confirmed her suspicions, and she responded, “Oh my God, I f*****g hate you.” Yep.

The This Is Us star laughed about the dis with Fallon, saying, “She didn’t even say, ‘Hey, good job.’ She just—she walks away! She was gone. She just wanted to say she hated me.” 

We know that Rory-Dean-Jess love triangle was hard for everyone, but sheesh.

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