Keanu Reeves just gave a plane full of passengers a story they’ll be telling for the rest of their lives.

It all started over the weekend when the 53-year-old actor boarded a plane from San Francisco to Los Angeles. When the aircraft experienced engine failure, it was forced to make an emergency landing in Bakersfield, California, where the passengers were left stranded.

Although the airport arranged for a van to take everyone to L.A., the baggage handlers estimated a three-hour delay to unload the plane. So, Reeves suggested he and his fellow passengers “hit the road and then deal with your bags later.”

According to this candid footage posted by Brian Rea, Reeves immediately assumed tour guide mode and corralled everyone into the van. After picking up some snacks, the Bill & Ted 3 star rode with the other passengers while reciting facts about Bakersfield.

“Its population is around 380,000, making it the ninth most popular city in California and the 52nd most popular city in the nation,” he says in the first clip.

Luckiest passengers ever.

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