Kate Middleton & Prince William Were Spotted Chatting with Prince Harry—What Does It Mean?

The most heartbreaking image from Prince Philip's funeral on Saturday was the Queen sitting alone in the pew, head bowed, dressed in all black, watching the casket of her husband of 73 years as she sat in a mostly empty St. George's Chapel. It felt representative of the grief, sorrow and loneliness of a pandemic that's taken the lives of so many around the world, a symbolic mourning of all that we've lost, of so many that have had to "go it alone." (Yep, it's pretty much seared into our collective memory at this point.)

But the most anticipated image? Any suggestion that Prince William and Prince Harry were mending fences, making amends, or, at the very least, on speaking terms after the explosive Oprah interview in which the Duke and Duchess of Sussex laid bare very serious accusations against his family. They claimed a member of the royal family had concerns over the color of Archie's skin tone before he was born, that Meghan Markle was rebuffed when she sought help for depression and suicidal thoughts and that Harry thought Prince Charles and Prince William "are all trapped. They don't get to leave."

Well, royal fans got what they wanted (sort of). Post-funeral, members of the royal family filed out of the chapel. Instead of hopping into the provided Rolls-Royces to be taken up the short walk to the castle, they began to walk up Chapel Hill, providing ample opportunity for cameras to catch video of the funeral attendees.

As the brothers and the Duchess of Cambridge exited the chapel and began walking up the hill to Windsor Castle, the trio were grouped together, seemingly chatting. After a few seconds, William removed his mask, and Middleton fell back to join Sophie, the Countess of Wessex, leaving the Princes to speak together alone. (Watch the video from The Royal Family Channel YouTube to see what we mean.)

So, are those fences mended? Well, in a word: no. We have no idea what was said between the brothers, and with such a short amount of time, it couldn't have been the in-depth conversation that's needed to heal the relationship rift between them. But after over a year apart, with a continent between them, we will say that it felt like a giant sigh of relief to see Prince Harry and his brother and sister-in-law together again, even if for a brief moment.

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