Jennifer Aniston Shares Rare Childhood Picture Featuring Her Mom and Dad on Instagram

Anyone who follows actress Jennifer Aniston on Instagram knows she rarely posts pics from her childhood. Most of the time, she posts fun behind-the-scenes pics from whatever project she’s working on, maybe a bold fashion look or even a funny Friends throwback. But the actress made an exception this week when she shared a rare picture of herself as a little girl.

Jennifer Aniston wearing a white silk dress.

Yesterday, the 54-year-old actress posted an old grainy picture on her Instagram page, where she is seen posing right next to her parents, Nancy Dow and John Aniston. The snap shows the junior Aniston, who looks to be no older than ten, standing in between her parents and wearing a red polka-dot outfit and a black jacket.

She dons a neatly cut bang with two curly pigtails. As for her parents, they are both sporting long peacoats and tan-colored pants. They are standing in a setting surrounded by large rocks.

The Morning Show star wanted to take a moment to share a heartwarming message to her parents in the wake of her birthday, writing in the caption, “Thinking about these two humans that created me as I bask in the afterglow of a beautiful birthday [red ballon emoji]. Thank you ALL for my beautiful birthday wishes. I felt sooooo much love from so many and ALL of it is going to carry me through this wild and beautifully unknown year ahead. I love you!”

Though it isn’t common, this is not the first time Aniston has shared a throwback picture from her childhood. Back in November 2022, the Friends alum posted more rare pictures from her past, which featured her father, John.

Aniston shared a photo slideshow filled with old pictures of herself and her father, who sadly passed away at the age of 89 earlier that month. In the first photo, we see her father holding a baby Aniston in his arms.

She wrote in the caption, “Sweet papa…⁣ John Anthony Aniston. You were one of the most beautiful humans I ever knew. I am so grateful that you went soaring into the heavens in peace - and without pain. And on 11/11 no less! You always had perfect timing. That number will forever hold an even greater meaning for me now. I’ll love you till the end of time [heartbroken emoji]⁣. Don’t forget to visit.”

We never get tired of a good celeb throwback pic.

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