Kate Middleton’s Brother James Is Reportedly Making a Documentary About Mental Health (and Dogs)

James Middleton, who recently praised older sister Kate Middleton for her newest endeavor, is working on a major project of his own. The 32-year-old is reportedly making a documentary about the positive impact of dogs on mental health.

According to the Sun, Middleton has teamed up with production company Fulwell 73 for a television show called James Middleton’s Super Dogs that will dive into how his four-legged friends helped him battle depression. The publication also revealed that the series will follow Middleton as he meets others suffering from mental health issues and explore the effects dogs have on them.

“Mental health is a topic very close to both James’ and his sister’s hearts, and he credits his dogs with helping him out of his darkest days,” a source told the Sun. “The show will follow him talking to others who are suffering and looking at how a dog can impact your mood and depression.”

The newly-engaged royal has been open about his struggle with mental health issues and the important role his dogs have played. Earlier this month, he returned to Instagram after a month-and-a-half social media detox and announced that he’s focusing on the benefits of furry friends more than ever.

The youngest Middleton sibling shared a photo of himself smiling and riding his dog bike (it’s back!) across London’s Albert Bridge with five darling doggos in the basket. He captioned it, “We’re back. After a detox of all things social media Me, Ella & Co + our beloved bike are back. It’s been over a year now since writing publicly about my experiences with clinical depression & how my dogs played a vital role in my recovery.”

So, could it be that during this little hiatus James (and his canine BFFs) were working on their documentary series? It’s certainly possible.